Tactile Discrimination

Here are a few good ideas for developing tactile discrimination:

  1. play with a shape sorter while wearing a blindfold. One fun activity I am doing is getting a shape sorter and trying to identify by feel (while blindfolded) where which shapes go in which holes.It is not easy as you need to feel which way to hold the ball and if the shapes are all over the ball you can’t feel around for handles to orientate your self. You need to feel which way to hold the shape and when you think that you found the right shape and are holding the shape the right way. It still won’t go in that you do not judge the right angle and how much pressure to use in forcing the shape through the hole.
  2. Feely bag activities which involves feeling common objects through a cloth bag. This can be done with or without blindfolds. Blindfolds are better as you can’t peep into the bag or see the outlines of objects or your hand and you can pull out an object to feel.
  3. Sort through  pegs of different textures or sort through a pile of dry beans and pasta.

Anything that involves feeling and identifying different objects or textures. Sometimes when my OT and I do blindfold discrimination activities, I have to not just name the object but tell her everything I can about it sometimes including weight or height or what it is used for. Once I was blindfolded and had to count 40 pieces of tinned corn.

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