My Blind Sensory Tour

IMG_0438 (3)IMG_0455

Today I had my blindfolded tour of the sensory room (as pictured above). We were working on tactile skills, balance and spatial awareness.

This is what happened: The OT had me in shorts and a T shirt and asked me to blindfold myself at the door of the sensory room. I then felt my way in to the room and she spun me around ensuring I was confused about which way I was facing. She also had the usual items in different places to disorient me even more.

The OT asked me to crawl around the room over and around things. I felt different textures, like fluffy carpet, tiles on the floor, blocks, tactile balls, a ball pit and a long cushion. I had to kneel on things and stand on a mini tramp. I almost lost my balance but she caught my arm. I did not always register the different textures my feet were on. I had to feel different textures on the wall. I also had to turn myself in the direction of her voice.

Some takeaways from this activity:

  • It would have been more fun if I had never been in the room before.
  • I enjoy feeling fluffy textures blindfolded but don’t always register them.
  • Another good activity for spatial awareness I once read about was playing Simon Says, where Simon can see but everyone else is blindfolded. I also enjoyed taking a blindfold to a pilates class.
  • Try blindfolding someone in the living room and hiding objects for them to find.

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