Toys For Developing Tactile Discrimination


This is a good set because there are two matching patterns, in both red and blue. This can be played with eyes and hands together or with a blindfold just by using touch.

Photo on 29-12-2015 at 12.04 PM.jpg

I was correct when matching up this tile, but I thought the lines had a curve and did not notice the two holes. Maybe I was in a rush or my arm was very tight, but this is a great game.



This is the second great tactile toy that arrived today in my parcel. You have 10 cups and 10 holes and you need to match up the textures. I blindfolded myself and tried it and on my first go got 4 out of 10. Looks like I have a lot of practicing to do!

Visit and search ‘tactile’ for some great ideas.

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