Blindfolds and Messy Play

I got out my tub of Play-doh and it was wet and very messy. I got it all over my hands and arms. I tried making shapes and then went to my room and got out an old t shirt and blindfolded myself with it.

I then played with the Play-doh blindfolded and tried to make shapes by feel. I tried to get the Play-doh off the bench still blindfolded and then removed the blindfold and cleaned up.

This afternoon I hid coins in a container of dry rice porridge makings (sitting in the cupboard since 2009) blindfolded myself and away I went.

For messy play you should probably use old cloths like rolled up shirts or tea towels or hand towels or cloth nappies, something that can be thrown in the wash.

Other ideas:

  1. Make something out of clay blindfolded.
  2. Cook a very messy tactile meal and blindfold your child before you bring it to the table, and let them eat it using their hands. Ask them to try not to spill it.
  3. Blindfold two people facing each other and give each of them a bowl of mashed banana or something soft. Ask them to feed each other while blindfolded.
  4. Try spooning something between bowls blindfolded

I am wondering if blind messy play can help with spilling as one must pay more attention with a blindfold one.

Please note that these ideas are made up and I am not a qualified physical therapist.

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