Another Blind Obstacle Course At Home

My carer took a home movie but for whatever reason I can not upload it. So I’ll try to explain it the best I can.

I put a blanket over my speakers and then had a spinning chair followed by a blanket over a coffee table. I then put a bolster near the front door. I  walked around the obstacles in the dining room before entering my room and crawling on a bolster before turning a corner and crawling on a fluffy rug.

I managed to crawl under my speakers without bringing the blanket down and spun around in the chair to find out where I was. I found the table and crawled under without pulling down the blanket as well. I was in shorts in order to try and feel the different textures below my legs.

To make an obstacle course more complex, put on some music to disorientate them even more, or cover ears as well as eyes. Hide an object at the end that they have to carry on the way back still blindfolded. If they lose it on the way they must find it again still blindfolded, but if it is a favourite stuffed toy, reassure them they if they can’t find it, they can get it after the obstacle course without the blindfold on.

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