More Game Ideas


  1. Try tracing around a shape blindfolded using a toothpick.
  2. Get two or three shape-sorter balls and have children race each other blindfolded to complete their ball. Make it harder by putting all the pieces in the same pile and they can only use the same shape once.
  3. For learning to follow instructions, have a blindfolded child piece together the page of a torn magazine page just by following your instructions.
  4. Have two teams line up with a tea towel in the middle of the teams, with only the people on the outer end of both teams is not blindfolded. If you shake your head nothing happens. If you nod your head, the sighted player uses non-verbal communication to his/her team mates to get the person in the middle to grab the tea towel before the other team does to pass back to the sighted player.
  5. Get different textured cloths and have matching pairs. Divide the group into half at either end of the room. When everyone is blindfolded pass out the cloths and have everyone crawl around until they find the other person with the same textured cloth.
  6. Have a box of toys covered by a blanket with children sitting in a line in front of it. Only the one at the end away from the box can see, the rest are blindfolded. The person without a blindfold must describe but not name the object down to the next player (now quickly pull his mask down over his eyes too so the he can’t see the object coming back down the line to the player next to the box. He or she has to feel for the object and pass it back down the end to the last player. He/she must quickly confirm it is the right toy before removing his mask and matching it to the paper you gave initially have him/her.
  7. Have two objects more than players and show everyone your objects. Now blindfold everyone and give everyone an object. Can they figure out which two objects you gave them? Encourage them to describe the object to each other.

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