Team Building Idea

What you’ll need:
– first aid kit strips of cloths
– blanket
– giant soft toy

How to play:

Step 1: Place a giant soft toy in the playing area. Tell the players that the toy has had an accident and needs first aid and comfort before being taken to hospital.

Step 2: Assign some to be watching over the other players, and give the other players specific body parts/senses.

For instance, say you have 6 players:

  1. Eyes and mouth – he/she can not walk or use his hands and has to sit on a chair
  2. Eyes and hands – he/she can not talk or walk and can only use his hands to guide other players
  3. Mouth and feet – he/she can not use his eyes or hands
  4. Mouth and hands – he/she can not use his eyes or walk
  5. Hands and feet – he/she can not use his eyes or talk

Step 3: Out of players 3-5 player, 4 have to crawl or loosely tie his feet together so he needs help to move. Player 3 needs his hands tied behind his back, tight enough to get the idea that he can not use his hands but loose enough to undo himself if necessary, so use a piece of string. Player 5 you could cover his mouth but because his hands are free he can uncover his mouth if need be. All three must be blindfolded.

Step 4: Place the large soft toy and blanket and first aid kit in the game area and if possible, blindfold players 3-5 before leading them into the play area so they do not know where they are. Ensure that they can’t not use their sense of sight to determine the size of the blanket or soft toy.

The aim is to find the soft toy, wrap it in bandages, comfort and stroke him. Wrap the soft toys up in a blanket and carry him to the other side of the room.


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