Blindfold Games in Nature

Most of the content in this post is based on a set of kindle books by Susan Caplan McCarthy, which can be found on Amazon.

1. Meet a Tree

Go in to a forest and blindfold someone. Spin them around and guide them to a tree. Help them explore the tree then take them back to the start. Remove the blindfold and ask them find the tree they were exploring.

2. This is a Classic

Blindfold someone in a circle and put an object in front of them. Have a player sneak up and steal the object without the “blind man” person pointing at them. If the player is caught they become the “blind man”. A bell or set of keys makes it easier, a stuffed animal, which makes no sound, makes it harder. play on different surfaces to mix it up. 

3. Bat and Moth

Blindfold a moth and have him chase bats

4. Where’s My Rock

Get everyone to find a rock to feel while blindfolded. Take each rock back and put them all in a pile in the middle of a circe. Ask all the player to sort through the pile for the rock that they were given at the start.

5. Sense of Place 

Blindfold someone and take them to an open outdoor area. Help them to explore by pointing out different sounds, smell, tactile things and in under a fruit tree tastes.

6. Blind Hike 

Set up a rope through the garden or any outdoor area. Blindfold someone and have them feel along the rope. Can they find their way back without the rope but still blindfolded?

To see an example check out this interesting link:

7. Here’s an idea I came up with myself

Have a blindfold and bag of common objects ready. Take your child or student to a park or nature part and blindfold them. Lead them to a spot they’re not familiar with and have them take out the objects one by one. They have to feel the object and identify it and the texture and then  explore the surroundings for something that feels similar (all while being blindfolded).

8. Toys and Pets

or one day blindfold your child, get them to feel a stuffed toy and then get them to feel a pet (make sure they’re gentle!) and talk about the differences before removing their blindfold

Check this link out as an example: this little boy couldn’t feel the difference

9. Nature vs Manmade

Try collecting a box of man made items and natural items to sort them into each category while blindfolded.



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