Blind Play With Toys

Here are some suggestions.

Firstly, read this great blog post

1. Have your child blindfolded feel toys in a toy book or search for a certain toy.

2. Blindfold children on a mat, give them some toys and see what happens.

3. If you have a baby’s rattle ball you can invent all sorts of blindfold sound games. For example, a group of blindfolded people passing or rolling the ball to each other.

4. Sit in a circle and have a blindfolded child in the middle and try to rolling the ball to each other without the blindfolded child getting it.

5. Play with building blocks or lego blindfolded.

6. Have two blindfolded people kneel facing each other with a basket of pegs in the middle. Can they put a peg on the others clothing without being pegged themselves?

The ideas are endless! Do you have any to share? Let me know in the comments section below.

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