How To Make Your Child Comfortable With Blindfolds

This is something called graded exposure this adds to my post

So you have a child who needs to be blindfolded for therapy and they don’t like blindfolds. Try these steps. (Please note that this is a process that I’ve come up with myself):

  1. Talk about your child’s fears
  2. Maybe read a story book about blindfolds or even the story posted on my website
  3. Watch videos about blindfolds, start with the sesame street one then this one ignore the German unless you are German.
  4. Blindfold a baby doll or stuffed animal explaining how to fold a blindfold and get your child to fold the cloth.
  5. Now blindfold yourself and ask your child to place an object in your hand to feel.
  6. Ask your child to fold the cloth and blindfold you.
  7. If the above works now you are ready to blindfold your child.
  8. Start by blindfolding your child so they can peep out using a cloth or cardboard blindfold or pull a wool hat low. You can also use a cloth which is not dark. place your child on your knee and pass them a stuffed toy to cuddle, or something non-threatening like that.
  9. When you have made it so your child can be blindfolded on your knee without peeping, see if they can feel the difference between soft toys. Afterwards, move on to other types of objects.
  10. In order to introduce movement while blindfolded, start with rolling them up in a blanket for a cuddle, then rolling unaided.
  11. Play blindfold games that involve crawling.
  12. Blindfold your child and walk with them holding their hand.
  13. Build up to taking steps unaided blindfolded.
  14. Add in spinning disorienting.
  15. When your child comes to you one day with a piece of cloth asking to be blindfolded and spun for Blind Man’s Bluff you have success!

Cerebrate by going to a secondhand store and let them chose a cloth or buy a sleep mask 🙂

Happy blind play! Would love to hear any feedback in the comments section below if you’ve tried the process above.

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