Harder Games To Work On Touch

Idea 1: Blind Clay Modelling – You’ll need a block of clay and two blindfolds. Sit two people at a table and tell them that they have to make something together, but they aren’t allowed to plan it beforehand. They are not allowed to talk during the process. Then say, this might be difficult as you are going to blindfold them both first. They have to complete the whole process communicating only by touch.
If you are feeling extra mean, don’t put the clay on the table until they are blindfolded, and make them feel to determine how big the clay is. How will they agree on what to make if they can’t see or talk?

*Taken from Let’s Play Together by Mildred Masheder

Idea 2: Get enough blindfolds for 2-4 players and blindfold everyone sitting in a circle. Place a teddy bear, and baby doll, a nappy and a blanket in the circle. Their task to feel all the items and figure out that the doll needs the nappy and needs to be given the teddy before being wrapped in the blanket. Challenge them to try without talking.

Idea 3: Get a deck of cards and give everybody some cards, letting them see their cards. Now blindfold everyone and have them put all the cards in correct order in each suit

Idea 4: Have  two people sit back to back, blindfold one and give him an object to describe to player two who must then draw it.

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