Have a Blind Christmas

Blindfold ideas for Christmas

1. Planning to buy your little one a big teddy bear? Instead of trying to wrap it, blindfold your child and have him/her feel it.

2. have your children open and identify presents blindfolded.

3. Decorate your tree blindfolded. (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgYSu8TGPac)

4. Blindfold taste tests at your Christmas meal.

5. In cold weather, use wool scarves for blindfolded snow fights.

6. Here’s a bible-based game I invented so they can spare a thought for Mary and Joseph: Take your child to the park or somewhere local and securely blindfold and disorientate them. Guide them home and have them knock on the door of neighbours you know and have them tell your child, “There’s no room at the inn”.


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