Key Keeper

There is a classic blindfold game  called Key Keeper where one person is blindfold and has to stop another player from creeping up to steal the keys.

Here are a few more variations of this game:

  • Sara Shaw in her great book Beaucoup Bandanas suggests blindfolding the people creeping up to try and steal the keys as well. But I’m not giving away any more ideas from a book, except to say most of her blindfold game ideas I have not seen elsewhere.
  • Try blindfolding everybody so that nobody knows who is in the middle or who is creeping. Us a variety of the objects to “steal” so the blindfolded person in the middle does not know if the objects makes a sound or not so they have to listen very carefully (no talking).
    With everyone wearing a blindfold no ones knows when their turn is before you tap them on the head or when you change the keeper in the middle.

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