Great Blindfold Maze

Blindfold crawling games where you can’t touch obstacles is great for spacial awareness, co ordination and moving slowing and carefully. It appears the girls were blindfolded by their sisters before they saw the maze, which means they can’t rely on memory. Crawling under things blindfolded is brilliant but remember to make sure you do it safely. These girls rolled a ball sometimes to add to the disorientation. Remember for blind exploring, dark thick cloths, unfamiliar environments, so blindfold them and take them someone or if in a familiar room move things around and maybe keep spinning every so often, the young sisters in this clip had a great time.

This next video shows a hair band being used to keep a blindfold in place instead of tying a knot. This is great as you do not need a knot you can use thicker cloths. Try pegs or safety pins to hold cloths in place.



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