Story from a German Friend: A Trust Walk in the Forest

Trust Walk in the Forest

I did a trust walk with my girlfriend last week. It was the first one we did outside this year. We went to a forest nearby. It‘s a perfect place to play because there is no traffic and there are not many people around. Trust walk is my girlfriend’s favourite game. She was keen on playing. She closed her eyes and promised not to peek. I blindfolded her with a black scarf and spun her around. Then I took her by the hand and guided her through the forest. She was completely lost and had no clue where I was taking her. From the look at her face, I could tell that she enjoyed the situation and was very trusting. At first she was afraid of running into an obstacle and walked very slowly. But after a while she grew more confident and we were able to speed up a bit. On our way, I helped my girlfriend to discover the  forest with her remaining senses. She was able to find out many things about the trees by smelling, hearing and touching them. Then I took off my girlfriend’s socks and shoes. She enjoyed walking on soft grass and leaves barefoot. She tried to identify the ground she was walking on. By using her senses my girlfriend became more and more self-confident. She noticed that the blindfold didn’t make her that helpless. But she still needed me to find the way through the forest. I made sure that my girlfriend couldn’t peek and was in total darkness during the game. She enjoyed wearing the blindfold and was happy to be with a guide she could trust. After 2 hours we arrived at our starting point again. I gave my girlfriend a hug and a kiss before I finally took her blindfold off. Trust walk is a great game for couples.

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