What Are You Cuddling Darling?

This post is about how blindfolds can help the bond between parents and their children. In this I will draw from material already on my blog with new material to discuss ideas about how blindfold games are good for the bond and sensory development between mother and child.

Have a look at this remarkable video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRoqk_z2Lgg where children are blindfolded and have to pick their mothers out from a line out using only touch and smell. Another good suggestion might be to blindfold a group of mothers and have them find their children who are calling out to them.

When you cuddle your child many senses are involved. Seeing the mother, smelling the mother, taste if you are feeding the child, the sound of your voice, balance and vestibular if you are rocking your child, and of course touch. The feel of your embrace and maybe a blanket or soft toy. Playing blindfold games with your child can be important in developing their sensory skills to discover the world around them. When they cannot see they have to use their other senses. When parents are playing blindfold games with their children it is important for parents to have a go at being blindfolded too.

Did you know that house hold objects like toys are all you need, as well as cloths for blindfolds of course!  Play a series blindfold games with your child to develop their sense of touch using blindfolds and a few soft toys.

Soft toys are great items for blindfold games for a few reasons. Firstly, it is very non-threatening, cuddling a favourite teddy with mummy is not frightening. Secondly, if sleeping in the dark (if your child is up to that) means that they already feel them in the dark. Lastly, they can be good for bonding with your child plus they don’t break if dropped.

Here are some suggestions for blindfold games you can play with your child and their soft toys. You might want to start by sitting your child on your knee and blindfolding them and giving them their favourite soft toy and asking them if they know what they are feeling.



  • Have a collection of your child’s soft toys and a blindfold. Blindfold your child and give them a toy one by one, can they identify each one blindfolded?
  • If you have a few children, you might like to blindfold 2 or more at once and give each one a soft toy and have them guess and give a point for a right answer and then try round 2.
  • Blindfold your children and mix up their soft toys in a pile and have them sort through the pile for their own.
  • If your child wakes up at night and can’t find their soft toy, practice by blindfolding them on their bed and put their soft toy somewhere on their bed to find by feel.
  • A great suggestion for a party is to write on the invitation that everyone needs to bring a soft toy to the party. When it is time to play the game, either blindfold one person at a time or everybody at once and have them feel through the pile for their own toy.
  • Blindfold everybody and scatter around their soft toys and they have to crawl around blindfolded trying to find their soft toys.
  • Hide a soft toy under a blanket and have your child look under the blanket to find that and after a while use a blindfold.
  • Hide a stuffed toy at one end of an obstacle course for them to find by feel. Or have them find it by feeling along a string.
  • Blindfold your child, spin them around and say, “Go to your room, find your teddy and come give mummy a cuddle”.

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