A Challenging Team Building Activity

Here is an interesting blindfold challenge from a Czech youth camp: http://outdooraction.rajce.idnes.cz/Korenov_3_-_den_2./

Find two people and have them stand side by side. Tie their inside legs together, their inside wrists together and cover their hands so they can only use their outsides arms and hands. They have to do common tasks together, but before they start off, be kind and don’t tie their heads together. Be merciful to the little lambs, give them each their own blindfold 🙂

It is funny watching them try to put on skis together while tied together, which would be hard enough but blindfolded as well. To increase the challenge, blindfold them before tying wrists and legs so they find it harder to untie themselves as they have not seen the knots, but make sure they can remove blindfolds with outside hands if they want to.

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