Blindfold Games To Teach Left Hand/Right Hand Skills

I thought I might do I blog post with a few ideas on teaching children the differences between left and right hand using blindfolds.

Idea 1: you might want to blindfold your child and guide them through an obstacle course saying turn to your right or turn to your left.

Idea 2: sitting at a table or on a blanket blindfold your child and place 2 objects say a tennis ball and toy car in front of them.

Ask your child “what is to your right or what is to your left?”.

Is the tennis ball to your right or to your left?

Idea 3: Blindfold your child and have them feel for coins in a bowl of pasta. Can they collect 10 cent pieces with one hand and 5 cents pieces with the other?

Idea 4: Blindfold a group of children for “Simon Says”. Say “Simon Says put your right hand on your left knee” etc.

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