A Few More Blindfold Games

Wolfs and Lambs

Gather enough cloths to make sure you can blindfold everybody. Have everybody sit in an open play area and explain that you are going to play a  game where everybody is a lamb and they need to communicate by making a “baa” sound.

Now blindfold and separate everybody. Have them crawl around trying not to touch each other. The first two to touch each other are wolves and their mission is to the catch the lambs. When a lamb is caught he becomes a wolf. If a lamb sneaks up and removes a wolf’s blindfold, that wolf is a lamb and is allowed to see the state of play until you have time to refold his blindfold. The objective of the game is for the lambs try to avoid becoming wolves.


A Shoe Game

Everybody sits in a circle with all their shoes in the middle. Set up two or more chairs with children sitting on the chairs barefoot. After blindfolding the children on chairs, scatter shoes everywhere. The blindfolded players crawl around trying to find shoes to put on the 4 legs of their chairs. They can steal from the other chairs. But if they forget where they are and put shoes on another chair it counts for the player who owns the chair. First player with four shoes wins.

Galleries of pictures of this game include:




Guess The Animal

Blindfold two players put a soft toy in the middle, first to guess which animal it is wins.


Disability Counter Hunt

You’ll need: blindfold cloths, sleep masks, a counter and a deck of cards

Blindfold everybody with a sleep mask and hide counters in an obstacle course.

Pass around a deck of cards and have everybody select a card, telling them that the card decides what their disability is.

Come around and tie a strip of cloth over the mouth of everybody with hearts and take off their mask. Come around a second time and tie the hands behind their backs of diamonds and remove sleepmasks. Shades have ankles tied together. Leave clubs till last to keep everybody not knowing until the last minute if they are clubs or not. Clubs don’t remove sleep masks but can have an extra cloth tied over their mask. They are spun around.

Everybody must help each other through the obstacle course and collect counters. But only blindfolded players put them in the counter container at the end.

Just make sure the blindfolded players, do not know what disabilities are assigned to other players at the start.

Note: You may want to explain the disabilities before sleep masks are given out so people know they have nothing to fear when you pass by looking at cards.

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