Dealing with Peeping

Sara Shaw of Beaucoup Bandans writes:

When I set up the activity or game I tell the participants that this is a challenge by choice activity. The purpose of the blindfolds or having your eyes closed it to enhance the experience of the activity for your team. If you peek that takes away from the activity, from the group, and from yourself. If at anytime you feel unsafe please freeze take a couple of breathes. Know I’m here not blindfolded and spotting you. If you still need to peek then do so for just a second then go back to closing your eyes. I’ve never had anyone take their blindfold off after saying this. I have had some young people who have had traumatic event in thier past or who have a disability need to just take a little peek but, its never taken away from the activity. If anything it has built confidence in themselves and the team. Many times by the end of our teambuilding day these individuals have really grown and are doing blindfolded activities a lot better.  You have to remember I use blindfolds and bandanas for teambuilding activities.
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1 thought on “Dealing with Peeping

  1. My experience with peeking:
    I often use blindfolds for teambuilding games with 14-18 year old girls. Peeking is sometimes a problem but it can be avoided easily. If you use an effective and well tied blindfold that blocks out all light, the girls are less tempted to peek. Check the blindfolds and make sure nobody is cheating. Give the girls some time to get used to the situation before you start the game. Then they will be more trusting and self-confident. Physical contact is important for those who can’t see. Make the blindfolded girls feel your presence or the presence of their non-blindfolded team mates. If someone feels unsafe they raise their hand and I come to help them. The blindfolds make the girls feel a little helpless and vulnerable at first. But when you make them feel safe their confidence grows, they enjoy being blindfolded and peeking is no longer a Problem.


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