More Blindfold Games

Blind Sand Pit

Blindfold two or more children in a sandpit or at the beach and watch them build a sandcastle together. A few pictures of blindfolded children in a sandpit  are at

Shoe Game

Everybody takes off their shoes and puts them in circle then sits on chairs blindfolded with hands tied loosely behind their backs (tight enough to get the point they aren’t allowed to use their hands but loose and untie themselves if they need to, this is only a game) . Alternatively, you could give them something to cuddle so their hands are busy. Choose someone to be ‘Prince or Princes Charming’. One by one the girls describe their shoes to the prince who has to try the right shoe on each girl. Try it with the Prince blindfolded as well.

Teddy Sleeping

Blindfold your child in the living room make a mess with sheets blankets and pillow. Now hide their teddy in the pile, can they find it by feel.

Three Leg

Have three people stand together with inside legs tied together. One is blindfolded, one can’t talk one has hands tied together. Here’s an example:

Blind Dinner

Have children blindfolded at a table for afternoon tea. If you don’t mind things getting messy, have them feel the food and eat without cutlery. Can they keep their blindfolds clean?

Pasta Feel

Blindfold children and have them find common objects in messy textures like pasta, with one child finding an object in the bowl and pass it around the circle for the other blindfolded children to feel.

I am keen to hear from readers that play games (not in a bondage context of course) where hands are tied together. Please email me or leave a comment with your suggestions.

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