A Sensory Birthday Party

I want to share an email I sent a friend about birthday party ideas for her daughter:

Invite her guests without telling her who you have invited. Then just before they arrive ask her to go to her bedroom. Get your sleep mask or cloth and blindfold her ensuring she can not see a thing. You may want to tie a scarf over a sleep mask to ensure she is securely blindfolded. Now, spin her around and guide her into the living room sitting her where she can hear the doorbell. You may decide not to tell her where she is. When the doorbell rings she has to find the doorbell and open it and identify her guests by feel. After each time, sit her back down to wait for more guests (maybe in a different place to challenge her hearing and sense of direction).  Now when everybody arrives each guest one by one silently presents their presents. Can your daughter open the present and guess what it is blindfolded just by feel?

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