More Blindfold Birthday Party Ideas

Idea 1: Buy your child a scarf or pillow case for their birthday. Tell your child you are not wrapping their present, you are hiding it in their room to find, but to make it a challenge you have to be blindfolded. Blindfold them with a sleep mask and then the scarf or pilowcase to make sure they can’t peep.

Take them to their room and watch them, feel around for a unfamiliar  object. See how long it takes them to figure out their blindfold is their present. See if they know the contents of their room.

Idea 2: On the theme of opening presents blindfolded, wrap up a scarf and as soon as they unwrap it, say “Here, let mummy help you try it on”, and blindfold them without warning. Don’t try this unless you know they don’t mind blindfolds.

Idea 3: Do not serve party food until all guests have tea towels for bibs as it will be harder to eat with a another tea towel covering their eyes.
Idea 4: If your going on an outing, blindfold guests and see if they can guess where they are going.
Idea 5: Blindfold two players facing each other and between them place a container of pegs. They have to pin pegs on each other.
Idea 6: Blindfold two players and pin pegs on them. Can they find each other’s pegs?
Do you have any other blindfold party game ideas to share? Share them in the comments section!

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