More Slumber Party Ideas

More blindfold games for a slumber party

Please find my teddy

For this game you’ll need soft toys and blindfolds.

Ensure you have enough blindfolds to go around. The children sit in pairs with blindfolds on cuddling their soft toys. They have five minutes to describe their soft toy to their partner. All soft toys are then scattered around the room and the girls have to crawl around blindfolded finding their partner’s teddy. They then have to find each other and swap.

Once they’ve found the toy think they is their partner’s, they can then remove their blindfolds and check. When scattering their soft toys try to hide some other soft toys too to make it harder.

Variation: Try and borrow a box of soft toys so the blindfolded girls have never seen the toys they are describing.

The Blackout Challenge

Tell the children that during the evening there will be a blackout and they have to  complete activities with the lights out. Let them think and plan the evening. If they think they will have moonlight do not correct them. When they are out of the house, choose a room or set of rooms in the house where there will be a blackout and cover windows with blankets to make the rooms pitch black, leave some toys or things in to room to play with. In the living room prepare some thick dark cloths for blindfolds so that no one can peep while being guided to the blackout. For example, jumpers or hand towels or old cloth nappies or wool scarves. Keep you blindfolds hidden so they are a surprise when revealed.

After tea, lead the children in to the chosen ‘blackout room’ and say “well it is time for the blackout where you have to complete activities with the lights turned out.” Let them discuss the activities they might complete and have someone put things for that in the room.

But them say “Oh, didn’t I tell you, the windows are covered with blankets so you can not use moonlight”. If they ask where they are going say “If I am in a good mood I might tell you when get there”. If one asked “we will know where we are when we go in won’t we”. You say “yes, if I tell you, because you will all have a blindfold on so you can not see light creeping through the door and will not see where you are”.

Get out the blindfolds and blindfold them, saying “these cloths are thick and dark so you won’t see any light or know where you are”. When everyone is blindfolded guide them into the blackout area.

Sit everyone down and say, “Ok, I will pick one person and remove their blindfold, so they can see the light creeping under the door”. Tell the mystery guide they can not talk as you tie their cloth over their mouth. Do not let the blindfolded child know which one can see. Decide if you will tell the blindfolded child where they are. See what happens.

Note: Always make sure to have an adult with a very low flash light for safety.

More ideas – Have the children put 5 items that they own into a pile then sit in a circle around the pile. Blindfold everyone and mix up the pile. Can they find their items by feel. To make it harder, forbid talking.

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