Slumber Party

Girls enjoy having slumber parties for birthdays and other events. When one searches the internet it seems sleep masks are the favourite choice for blindfolds. So make sure you have enough for all the girls. You can encourage girls to wear their masks to bed and see if they sleep better. You can also have some scarves or tea towels to tie over sleep masks for games. Other supplies for games can be easy to come by. For instance, the girls will probably be planning on bringing soft toys, pillows and other bedding. Food for taste and smell tests and toys and various other things should be easy to find around the house. Before the party just ensure your blindfolds are good enough to prevent peeping. Or better yet, have a craft activity where the girls make sleep masks.

Classic games include:

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Blind man’s bluff

Other ideas include:

  • Picking up cotton balls with a spoon to put in a bucket above your head
  • Play on a fluffy blanket to make it harder
  • One girl is blindfolded and has to do another girl’s makeup
  • In a large open area divide the girls into pairs and blindfold one girl in each pairs while their partners hide, the blindfolded girls have to find their partners blindfolded
  • Have taste tests or blindfold the girls at meal time
  • Blindfold pillow fight
  • The girls have to find their soft toys blindfolded just by feeling
  • Tell the girls that they need to plan some activities that do not involve sight because between tea and bed time they have to spend 15 or 30 minutes with sleep masks on ( black out) and won’t be able to see and have to do things using their other senses
  • Try a longer blind challenge where 1 girl is sighted and is looking after 3-4 blind girls who must not be able to see a thing.  See how long they last but do tell them that they are allowed to remove blindfolds at anytime.
  • Blindfold girls and take them on an adventure. Can they guess where you are taking them?
  • Blindfold everyone in one part of the house and wrap rope around waists. Lead them somewhere, unwrap them and have them find their way back still blind.

if you have more blindfold ideas for slumber parties, email

Ways to have somebody blindfolded for long periods without peeping

  1. Tie their hands behind their back – I am told this is a good way to stop someone removing their blindfold, but this must only be done in a trusting environment where they trust the people involve and reassure them the blindfold will be removed if they panic. Better ensure you tie their hands lose enough for them to untie themselves
  2. Before securing dark cloths over eyes, put cotton balls or eye patches over them.
  3. Use a safety pin instead of tying a knot.
  4. Blindfold them with bandanas folding them into rectangles. Now have them wear hooded jumpers back to front and tie the string of the hood so only you can untie it, so they can’t pull off the hood, which you promise to do at the first sign of anxiety.

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