How to Keep a Blind Sabbath

Please note that this post is directed at Christians looking for blindfold games ideas for teaching biblical ideas.

When you get home from church on the Lord’s day (ie Sunday) and your children want to play with blindfolds, here are some ideas for blindfold fun promoting family bonding and trust  which are important skills.

Firstly, I have already written about a good blindfold game for memorising a bible verse ) here: . This is where you blindfold the children and have them put cards with words on them in the correct order to form a bible verse. Here are a few more ideas:

  • For verse memorisation would be to set up an obstacle course and blindfold the children and have them go from one end to the other. If they meet an obstacle they have to recite a bible verse or catechism answer or be spun around and taken back to start or the last obstacle.
  • If it is light outside encourage but not force your children to use sleepmasks for their afternoon nap
  • blindfold your child and spin them around and say “go get teddy and come give mummy a cuddle”. They can learn to trust you as they walk
  • If you go on a nature walk in order to promote trust and learning about God’s nature cover their eyes before going on your walk. Guide their hands to feel leaves or rocks etc
  • Blindfold your children and discuss the sermon or Sunday school lesson and see if the blindfolds shut out distractions
  • Using blindfolds can help when reciting memory verses as they can’t look and cheat
  • To teach your child that the bible is unique is to blindfold your child and give them a pile of books and have them pick out their bible by feel.

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