Blind Man’s Bluff

A friend was telling me about how she would play Blind Man’s Bluff with her two children. She would blindfold them with a sleep mask and then tie a folded tea towel over the sleepmask to prevent peeping from under the sleep mask. This was done so that tilting their heads back would not help them see.

She then spun them around to disorient them and directed them to find each other, always making sure to keep an eye on them whether they were in the living room or garden. They made noises to help the other one find them. She told me that her 3 year old boy found being blindfolded funny.

Blind man’s bluff can be important for a child’d development because of the sensory benefits. This is because the blindfold removes sight making the child use their other senses. When spun around, makes them work on balance and spatial awareness. They have to listen to catch other players and the sense of touch to feel and identical the other players. If you want to add in smell, ask the blindfolded player to smell who they caught.

Blind man’s bluff is a multi sensory blindfold game. An interesting variation is when one person is “it” and is given a bell and everyone else is blindfolded and has to try and find him/her.

Or you could try Blind Man’s Fluff!

One player is blindfolded and everyone else is given a soft toy. When the blind man finds someone they have to feel and identify the soft toy. If they are correct they remain blindfolded for round two but have to cuddle the soft toy while catching other players. When they have catch someone else and identify the soft toy, in round three they have to carry two soft toys without dropping them, and so on. It is harder because with the blindfold they can’t judge by sight how big they are. Keep spinning them before each round to make it harder. Once the person drops one of the toys, they are no longer “it”.

Here’s a good example:

This game can be pretty safe if adults keep an eye out, but note this:



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