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This is a new blog started by a 39-year-old Australian man who has cerebral palsy. As the name may suggest, it discusses exploration of the senses and one man’s journey of discovery through blindfold sensory games and activities. So read and enjoy.

As far as I know no harm will come to anyone who tries any of these ideas, but I am not an expert and anyone taking my fallible advice, is doing so at their own risk. In certain places the relevant health care professionals must be consulted.

It goes without saying that a responsible adult (ie teacher, therapist or parent) is required, and that they are the best judge on the safest way to blindfold someone and how long they can “cope” with being blindfolded.

I am not going to enter into  the debate over when it is okay in therapy to blindfold someone who is frightened of blindfolds, but parents MUST be in that decision making process. And of course there should be lots of reassuring cuddles when it is all over. Adults are the best people to do the blindfolding as they can ensure the blindfold is not too tight or loose. It should be snug and completely blind.

www.dreamessentials.com and www.dreamessentials.com.au are good websites for buying sleep masks, of course any strip of old cloth such as scarves, tea towels, towels or rolled up t-shirts of jumpers or whatever is in your linen cupboard will do.

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