blindfold game safety

First and foremost, I undertake and accept no responsibility for any accidents and other unfortunate events that may occur from playing any games I have listed here.  Playing some of these games could be dangerous, please follow these rules below and have fun.
Always take care not to allow someone who is blindfolded to end up in a dangerous situation.
Never goto sleep with a blindfold on that has been tied behind your head, always use a sleep mask for sleeping and waking up blindfolded. Any blindfolds that are tied, could move in the night and strangle you.  A sleep mask may also come off but won’t wrap around your neck.
Some games involve hitting another player with a cane/stick/rolled-up paper.  Make it perfectly clear that they are not to hit hard.  If you are playing these games try to find the softest thing you can.
THINK!!!! They can’t see, so don’t let them get hurt.
Tying a blindfold too tight can damage the eyeballs and cause abrasions on the bridge of the nose.  If you think a blindfold needs to be pulled really tight to blindfold the wearer properly, then it probably isn’t suitable.
Always check that the person about to be blindfolded doesn’t mind or that everyone playing is okay with wearing a blindfold, before starting games where they may end up blindfolded.  Many years ago I was at a friends birthday party, we were going to play Pin The Tail On The Donkey and as it was their birthday they got to go first. But they didn’t like being blindfolded and burst into tears.
When blindfolding someone who has long hair be careful not to snag their hair in the knot, this can be quite painful and can put the player off being blindfolded. The best way to avoid this is to start the first knot well away form the back of the players head.
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