blind textures

sit the kids in the kitchen and have some bowls covered with a tea towel with cooked pasta, jelly, playdoh and or other messy textures. Point to the bowls and say “mummy has some messy textures for you to feel some are nasty”. Then go to the draw and say “this is actually quite bad for you because mummy has some blindfolds”, reaching in the draw for tea towels. “Ok kids enough with the small talk, time to be blindfolded”, and blindfold them, if you want, use safety pins if you want to remove their ability to pull down their blindfolds. When you ensure only you can see ask quiz questions and at the end of each around the loser has to feel a messy texture. But don’t tell them the score just say “ok kids hold out your hands, one of you has a nasty surprise”. Place the bowl in front of the loser.


If you really want to be nasty go through round 1 and blindfold them saying “the loser has a nasty surprise” then remove a tea towel to reveal some cloths and say “mummy almost forgot the blindfolds, close your eyes kids” as you blindfold them. Sometimes hold out a bowl of water to keep everyone guessing.


Probably not a good one for the little ones, only try this with those that want to be blindfolded. Removing someone’s ability to pull down their blindfold should only be with their permission in a safe context where you reassure them that their blindfold will be removed at the first sign of panic, parental guidance is needed.

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