I have created a compilation of blindfold sensory games and activities. I’m always looking to add new ones, so get in touch if you’d like to add to my collection. You don’t need anything fancy to use as a blindfold when doing these activities. Want to get started? Find a sleep mask, scarf, tea towel, towel or rolled up t-shirt, bandana or jumper and you’re good to go! So keep your little lambs in the dark, just remember no peeping  allowed! Don’t let light creep  through under their blindfolds. Make sure the blindfold is so snug and firm that they can’t see their hands and feet, or at least build up to that depending on their age. You ideally want to make it so that you could hold a big teddy bear in front of their face without them knowing that it is there.

 Safety First

  • All of the activities on this list require supervision. A responsible adult (ie teacher, therapist or parent) should always be present to ensure participants can be guided when necessary.
  • Make sure an adult is on hand to tie the blindfold to ensure it’s not too tight or loose. The blindfold should be firmly secured so that it is snug and completely blocks the person’s vision, ensuring the blindman is completely blind and unable to peep.
  • If you’re feeling scared or unsure about participating in blindfold activities, make sure you discuss this with a carer, therapist or parent beforehand.
  • With blindfold games, you need to be careful to avoid inappropriate touching, as players can’t see. This is why adult supervision is necessary.

Can mummy cuddle it

father knows best

soft toy pass

a good tactile memory game

a cuddly relay

mummy where’s my teddy

lost lambs finding the fold

Teddy had an accident

blind musical teddies

gone fishin’

a cuddly playground

blind fate

blind room tour

searching for cuddles

sound relay

finding mummy at morning tea

toy collectors

silent deliveries

trusting sheep

how many cuddly toys are in the bed

musical blankets

can I cuddle my bunny mummy

teddy bear hunt

obstacle course carry

catch and cuddle wooly

blind shape sorting

Do you want your toys darling?

class observe

what do you want to cuddle in bed

blind colouring in

blind house tour

blind room search

blind weekend

pass the child

find your friend on the playground

blind murder in the dark

measuring game

peg game

blind errands

trusting lambs

blind show and tell

shoe lace challenge

blind sound soccer

direction finder

blind banker

who is lying to me

musical cuddles

blind post master

blind church

keep your precious item

traffic jam tight rope

blind tag

animal rescue

Is this your pillow

cats and mice

cuddly toy swap

who’s cuddly toy am I cuddling

Pass the baby

who has my teddy?

Which story were you read?

Love thy blind neighbour

pass the mystery toy

find your friend

feely fruit

blind shoe game

sensory story time

Blind shape sorter

Are you cuddling your teddy darling?

now feel your

Texture change

blind toy box search

Angels in the snow

Where is mummy touching you

pass the parcels

I need a cuddle mummy

Blind rattle ball pass

the blind farmer

blind play doh make

Where’s my bunny mummy?

Sensory Mystery Tour

Who is cuddling wooly?

Blind Memory Verse

balance pin the tail

Blindfold Water Game 

Find the Button

Blind Bunny’s Rug

Blindfold Tactile Simulation for Handwriting 

Pass the Teddy

Is Mummy Honest?

Musical Blindfolds

Mummy, Mummy Who has the Bunny?

Blind Toy Shop

Sensory Team Game

Shepherds Guiding Lambs

Ten Cuddly Toys

Snuggle Lamb Snuggle

Blind Bus Tour

Don’t Spill the Pasta

Blind Barnyard 

Please feel free email in any suggestions or variations ideas for the games listed here, there are more games in the blog section.

Just be sure to check out an even larger internet archive of blindfold games.

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