mummy where’s my teddy


you need blindfolds for all the children and soft toys

ask everybody to bring a soft toy

when you play the game, mummy sits in the middle with her children in a circle blindfold the children. now securely blindfold mummy and spin her around. But don’t tell the children that mummy is also blindfolded. Now put all the soft toys in the middle. One child says “mummy I am blind and can’t find my teddy, I’m scared”. Mummy responds “hush darling, describe your teddy to mummy”. as the child is describing his soft toy, mummy feels around blindfolded, when she thinks she has found it she can say “hush darling, mummy found teddy, come to cuddle teddy with mummy”, the child then tries to find mummy. Another child can describe his soft toy to mummy in the second round. See how long it takes for the child to realise that mummy is also blindfolded.

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