a cuddly playground

this is a good game idea to end a mother daughter camp, with a very cuddly surprise for the kids
you need
a play ground
stuffed animals that no one has seen in a box covered by a blanket until all eyes are covered, so that no one knows what toys there are, these are gifts for the campers
in a playground have mothers sit with their children and give mothers 2 bandanas for example. The mothers blindfold their children and then blindfold themselves. You then spin around the children and take them to an unknown spot. You need to make sure that neither the mothers or daughters have any idea where the blindfolded daughters are being taken. Give all the mothers a stuffed animal, after spinning them around making sure the mothers can’t see the stuffed animals. The mothers have to find their children, by touch and sound but the children can only say the word mummy. When the blind mothers find their blind daughters the mothers give their blind daughters the stuffed animal saying “mummy has a surprise, come and cuddle something soft with mummy”. As the mothers cuddle their daughters still blind so that they can’t see. The daughters and their mothers have to feel and describe their toy. The daughters get to take it home to cuddle as a reminder of the camp.

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