Blindfold Water Game

You’ll need:
– 2 buckets
– sponge
– water
– blindfolds (1 per person)

How to play:

Step 1: Blindfold each player

Step 2: Place one bucket of water at one end with a sponge next to it.

Step 3: Place the empty bucket at the other end and have players sit in a row in between the buckets.

Step 4: One person puts the sponge in water and passes it down the line to the last player, who wrings it out in to the other bucket. but before the game starts blindfold everybody

Variation: Have two buckets and blindfold everyone and give each person a cup. They have to transfer the water using the cups but without being able to see (as seen in photo).


photo credit: tipjunkie used by permission see

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