are you cuddling your teddy darling?

You need a blindfold and 2-4 of your child’s stuffed animals.


Sit your child on your knee and say “we are going to game a game with your cuddly toys”. Give your child their toys one by one and ask them to feel and cuddle them. Then say “Mummy is gong to blindfold you and give you one of your toys and you have to feel and cuddle it with out being able to see it”. Now blindfold your child, and them one of their cuddly toys. Encourage your child to feel and cuddle it and guess which one it is. You might need to give hints, like “darling what cuddly animals go baa baa”?


Or gather together your children and blindfold them and have  them feel through a pile of stuffed animals their a particular one.

If you can blindfold your children and have them explore a farm, and identify the farm animals just by patting them.

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