balance pin the tail

Balance Pin the Tail


A variation of pin the tail that works on balance


You need

  • A picture of a donkey and tails
  • A chair to stand on
  • You need to bring a large supply of cloths from home, which are suitable for use as blindfolds, like scarves or tea towels as you are the only person in the room who is allowed to see during the game. Or you can just blindfold the children with their jumpers, but ensure you have spare cloths for children without jumpers.


Pin the donkey up in the room and ensure the children are unable to reach it without standing on a chair or block.


When the children are in the room let them see the poster and say that you are playing pin the tail on the donkey. But that they need to stand on a chair. Now blindfold everyone ensuring only you are able to see anything.


Everyone is blindfolded so that, they do not know when their turn is

When or if they will be spun around

The children going last don’t have the ability to see how to climb onto the chair and have to work it out for themselves.

Everyone after their turn is not allowed to help anyone or give hints which is why they remain blindfolded until the game is over.


If you are feeling mean don’t let  them see the chair or block they must stand on before blindfolding them.

You might need to hold their hands as they climb up, and there needs to be as least one spotter on either side of the blindfolded player.

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