Blind Bunny’s Rug

Rolling while wearing a blindfold can give tactile feedback or work on where the body is in space. I have done this and it is fun! Especially in very large open spaces. I like to blindfold myself and roll up in blankets. I find it relaxing and calming, especially late at night, it is like a cuddle before bed.

How to play:

Step 1: Send your child out of the room and spread out a sheet or blanket, go out of the room and blindfold your child. Once you have ensured they can’t see anything ,bring them back into the room, roll them up in the blanket and as you apply deep pressure or cuddle them have a discussion about the texture of the blanket. Next, remove the blindfold and let them see the blanket.

Step 2: Blindfold your child and roll them up and see if they can unroll themselves

Tip: Try spreading our mats or blankets of different textures for orientation. try rolling on a straight line. Try rolling in a sleeping bag.

A variation for playing this game in a group might be to sit children in a circle and blindfold them. Spread out a blanket so everyone is holding a piece. Have them feel, cuddle and smell the blanket. Have then discuss the blanket before removing blindfolds so that they can see the blanket.


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