blind church

Note: This is a “Christian” post. Pack your family off to church as usual but pack some blindfolds, enough for the children.

Blindfold the children as you park the car, or wait until they sit down in church or to create more excitement, blindfold them at home before they leave. Make sure their blindfolds are snug and firm so they can’t peep, so use eye patches or cotton balls before using scarves or tea towels or bandanas. Or tie cloths over sleepmasks. Your children have to go through the service without using their eyes. Use your judgement depending on the age of the child.


Can they sing the hymns or follow the liturgy (whichever church it is) from memory when they aren’t able to see their hymn books.

Can they identify which section of the bible a book is by feel.

Can they listen better

can they kneel and stand

depending on how much mercy you have, let them remove their blindfolds over morning tea

Go through the service pretending not to notice they can’t see, so they learn the impact of blindness. Pass the hymnbooks expecting them to turn to the correct page. Don’t explain what is going on except for safety.

If your church has children leave for Sunday school during the sermon, give them a nice big spin before seeing if they can find their way without help.  Or to really trick them, tell them that you are picking them up for a cuddle, and when you are holding them spin gently.

Discuss and debrief at home

Next week see how many families decide to play copycat


Note: I would probably give the minister a heads up beforehand.

There is a debate over if blindfolding children teaches them about blindness in disability stimulations

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