Blind Memory Verse

This game is great for teaching bible verses, but can be done for any sentence in a non-church setting, such as team work or communication at school.

What you’ll need:
– Pieces of card with words written on them
– An ample supply of blindfolds

Step 1: Write out a word on one card per person that’s taken from the bible verse (or any other piece of writing you’d like to use). For example, if there are 9 participants than then there should be 9 cards.

Step 2: Write each word on each card and put them in a pile face down next to a pile of blindfolds. You may want to put a tactile marker on each card so the blindfolded child will know which way to place the card.

Step 3: Ask the participants to sit separately in different locations around the room.

Step 4: Pass out the cards and let each child see the word on their card only (no talking allowed). Ask them to memorise their word.

Step 5: Place a blindfold on each child and spin them around slowly a couple of times. Then direct the children to communicate with each other and put the cards in the correct order of the verse. Encourage them to talk to each other to discuss who has what word and what order it should go in.

Tip 1: If you are in a compassionate mood give out the verse reference and or read it out. Or if they are older don’t.

Tip 2: You could also, blindfold players and disorientate them before giving out the cards and whispering their word in their ear.


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