blind shape sorting

you need shape sorter and blindfolds


Sit your child on a blanket and have him do his shape sorter. Now blindfold him and see if he can do it without sight. If you want to avoid the temptation to help blindfold yourself. This game is great as you must learn to find the right shape, hold it the right way and put it in the right hole with not too much pressure.

Or have two children sitting blindfolded on a blanket, one is the sorter who has the ball the other searches for the shapes that you scatter on the blanket. Make it harder, forbid talking. Or, have two or 3 shape sorter so the blindfolded children can race each other. When they get good, be mean and put all the shapes in one big pile but they cannot use the same shape twice.


Or blindfold a child on a blanket and have them put shapes in a shape sorter while blindfolded child crawls around feeling for the shapes.


The main site picture has a shape sorter in it


Doing a simple jigsaw puzzle blindfolded, is also good.


Or have shapes that need to be sorted into piles like circle, square etc. Blindfold a ground of children and have each player one collect each shape.

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