blind shoe game

All the children sit in a circle with their shoes in the middle.

  1. Send one child in the middle and blindfold him and mix up the pile, have him find his shoe, to save time mixing up the pile each time, have the child going next blindfolded, and waiting in the dark. This is good as when I was in school and we were feeling for shapes in sand blindfolded, I saw the person before me go and I found the same shape before the OT had time to blindfold me.
  2. Blindfold everyone at once and go one at a time, the person going last does not have an advantage, and add the suspense of the blindfolded children not knowing which order they go in or when their turn is. Return the shoes to the pile each time
  3. Blindfold everyone and have them all go at once make it easier by letting them keep one shoe on so they can compare.
  4. Blindfold two players and have then find each other’s shoes. Make it harder by making them put the shoes back on blindfolded, this is good for fine motor skills.
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