Blind Toy Shop

This game works with touch, listening and developing language skills, as a blindfolded player has to describe an object they can’t see to other players who are blindfolded

What you’ll need:
– Blindfolds (enough for each participant)
– Toys (one per participant)
– Box
– Blanket
– Non see-through cloth

Step 1: Ask everybody to be a toy to the party but collect them as soon as the guests arrive so no ones sees anyone else, put them in a box covered by a blanket.

Step 2: Put the box in the room you are playing in, next to it have a non see through cloth bag containing enough cloths so you can blindfold all the players (for example, scarves or tea towels).

Step 3: All all the players sit in a circle with the box in the middle.

Step 4: Stand in the middle with a cloth in your hands and say, “we are about to play a game with the toys you brought”, pick a volunteer to join you in the middle to be the toy shop owner.

Step 5: Fold the cloth and blindfold him/her, spin them around and sit them down. Then say, “but I will not explain the rules until I have ensured every body else is blindfolded.” When you have made sure only you can see, explain that the person in the middle picks out a toy to feel and describe (make sure it isn’t his)

Step 6: when someone thinks it is their’s they need to put their hand up. The person in the middle has to deliver it, all players remain blind. If the toy belongs to the person who put their hand up, they are the new shopkeeper.


  • Put in the box a few extra toys and put every body’s toy back in after they find it so no ones has any idea when their toy will be selected or if it will be selected two times so everyone must listen all the time.
  • To increase the challenge you can ask everybody to bring soft toys so the shop owner can not just say “this is soft and fluffy”.



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