can mummy cuddle it

Spread out a blanket and sit 3 children on the blanket and put 3-5 soft toys in piles in front of the children. Ask each child to pick out one soft toy to be their keep soft toy that they must keep through the game.  Securely blindfold the children and mix each pile up. Turn to child one and ask them to pick up a soft toy and feel it. Ask “do you want to cuddle it or can mummy cuddle it”. If they think it is there keep item they must say “mummy may I cuddle it”. If they think it is not the keep item they say “no mummy you can cuddle it”. If they give you a stuffed toy ask a quiz question ”if they are right ask “who can cuddle it”. The objective is to try and empty  your pile by making other people’s bigger so that it is harder for them to find their keep item by feel”.



Keep playing until one child only has one toy left. They have to tell you if it is their keep item if so they win if not they are out.


Or play for 5 or 10 rounds and ask them to feel for their keep item in their own pile.


What you don’t say is that your objective is to get them to give up their keep item. If no one finds their keep toy, mummy wins.



Or with one player
Have a child on a blanket with their stuffed animals ask the child to pick one saying they must keep it through the game
Blindfold them and mix up the pile
Ask him to pick one and say” do you want to cuddle this or can mummy cuddle it”
Continue until one is left
Is it the one they must keep


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