cuddly toy swap

You need cuddly toys and enough blindfolds for everyone


Write on the party invites that you are playing a game where everyone has to bring a cuddly toy. Before the guests arrive you need a box and a blanket so that you can hide their cuddly toys, and make sure you have plenty of sleepmasks or tea towels or scarves for blindfolding guests with . As soon as guests arrive take their cuddly toy and hide it in the box, ensuring no one sees each other’s toy. When the guests are in a wide open space, blindfold them and have them crawl around until they are lost. Give everyone a cuddly toy which isn’t theirs.


The players have to crawl around blindfolded trying to swap toys. Make it harder

1. forbid players from talking

2. play loud music so they can’t hear each other

3. Use folded up t shirts or jumpers for blindfolds so that you can put ear plugs in their ears before blindfolding them ensuring the cloths cover their ears to make hearing difficult so they have to use only the sense of touch to communicate.

Be careful about blocking ears unless you know the child well

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