Don’t Spill the Pasta

My OT and I have been doing blindfold tactile activities to increase tactile awareness for ADL tasks in the kitchen. I invented this game.

What you’ll need:
– Dry beans or pasta
– Blanket
– Container
– Kitchen tools like spoons or serving spoons or thongs
– Blindfold

How to play:

Step 1: Spread a blanket across the living room floor. Place a container at one end and a pile of dry pasta at the other end.

Step 2: Give one player a kitchen tool and blindfold them. You can also spin them around to disorient them if you want. (It might be more fun to blindfold the person before you give them to tool so they have to feel and explore the best way to use it.

Step 3: The blindfolded player must pick up the pasta with the kitchen tool and crawl to the other end of the blanket and empty the pasta in the bowl. Repeat until all the pasta is in the container. if they spill along the way, they can retrieve the pasta and put it in the container as long as they don’t remove the blindfold.

Step 4: See if they can tell when they have a spill. To increase the confusion, keep spinning them around at each end of the blanket. For beginners let them crawl with a bowl and let them use their hands to pick up the pasta and place in bowl.

For this game the blindfold helps to increase tactile awareness which is important for kitchen tasks.

A similar game people play at parties is cotton ball pickup, where you spread out cotton balls and blindfold someone who has to pick them up and place them in a bowl with spoon. See


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