Find the Button

You’ll need:

  • Small buttons or coins (the smaller the better)
  • A messy texture that will get all over your hands, like very soft theraputty, cream, baked beans or cooked pasta
  • Blindfold
  • Bowl
  • Ear plugs

How to play:

Sit someone down at a table and put ear plugs in their ears. Securely blindfold them ensuring the cloth covers both eyes and ears. ensure they can still hear your voice but can not see anything.

Hide the buttons in the theraputty (or what ever messy texture you are using) and instruct them to feel for the buttons and when they find them drop them on the table. The ear plugs will reduce auditory clues, from hearing when the buttons drop or where they are in the bowl.

When I played this game during therapy I noticed:

With messy hands it was hard for me to feel where a tiny button was on my hands, and with ear plugs I did not know sometimes when they dropped. I did not realise some fell on the floor and my pants.

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