I need a cuddle mummy



I need a cuddle mummy

This is a good game for day care or preschool as the children find out what a blindfold is without wearing one as the mothers are blindfolded.


You need one blindfold

A mother sits at one end of the room with a blindfold on. A child comes up saying “I need a cuddle mummy”, can the mother tell when it is her child.

If you want to add in another challenge have a washing basket of cuddly toys next to mummy and after she identifies her child she has to feel around in the basket to find her child’s cuddly toy, When she has done this she can say “come and give mummy a cuddle darling”.

Or play this game in reverse, have the mothers sit in a circle and a child sits in to the middle of the circle with a blindfold on. Make sure you blindfold the child in another room so that he has no idea in which order the mothers are sitting in, he goes from mother to mother saying “I need a cuddle mummy” to which the mothers respond “come to mummy for cuddles darling”. Can the child identify mummy?

Two variations

No talking, touch and smell only

Before the blindfolded child can search for mummy, they have to find their cuddly toy from a pile in the middle just by feeling.

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