Keep Your Precious Item


This is a game for teaching children to keep and look after precious items. Being blindfolded they have to be more careful not to lose items.


The original idea I had was this:


Blindfold your child and give them their favorite soft toy and take them to an unknown location and tell them that on the outing they have to look after their soft toy and know where they put it because if they misplace it they have to find it again with their blindfolds on, and so they can’t leave teddy on a bench and forget about him. Have them do things so they have to put their soft toy down. But you must reassure them that mummy will step in when needed and no one will really lose their soft toy. No tears at bed time because teddy got lost during the day, it’s just a game where children learn to look after items.



  1. Only play this game with older children
  2. Use a precious item but not their favorite teddy
  3. Play with soft toys from the second hand shop
  4. Play with any items but there are rewards for winning.
  5. Do play with their soft toys, their most precious items but only take them to the back yard, where they know teddy will only end up under a chair or on a table, or to disorientate them a bit but not too much a friend’s house.


As a warm up blindfold them in their room and hide teddy in the living room, for them to find by feel.

Would playing this game in a safe environment help children not to lose their cuddly toys when they have to go to the doctor or on holiday etc?

PLEASE NOTE: Blindsensory does not suggest that young children or teens for that matter, should lose their cuddly toys as a punishment for losing a game. This game idea is for those wanting a challenge with darkness for a longer period but not enough to be nasty or scary. Would this be perfect for teen girls who want that extra challenge with longer periods of darkness. Don’t blindfold your children until they know it is only a game with mummy and daddy.

Please offer feedback on this one. If there are O&M trainers that use blindfolds in training reading this, please drop in your thoughts.

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