lost lambs finding the fold

this game is for building trust and faith in Christ.

you need a large supply of blindfolds. Use thick dark coloured cloths or cloths that can be folded a number of times, to ensure that the those who are the “lost lambs” are unable to see anything.
play in a large open space like a large hall or open outdoor space at camp. If you are playing in a hall have obstacles to scatter around to help disorientate the lost lambs.

divide the kids in to team A; the lost lambs and team B; the wolves. You are the shepherd.
Team A starts in a closed of area called the fold, make sure the fold can only be entered into one by one.

The indoor version.
Have a box of toys covered by a blanket. Next to it have a non see through bag where a large supply of blindfold cloths are kept hidden until the last moment. This will add to the element of surprise if the lambs do not know until the last minute that they will be blindfolded, but make sure if they are afraid of blindfolds they can join the other team and wolves can become lambs if they want to be blindfolded.

Have the lambs start in the sheep pen and the wolves sitting somewhere else. Say “the little lambs of the fold need to be lost and have to find their way back to the fold, without being attacked by wolves. Turn to an assistant and say “please lead the lambs out of the room and then guide them back into the fold, when I have set up the room” Then say “I have to give secret instructions to the wolves that the lambs are not allowed to hear”. Then pick up the bag and say “you know what to do before guiding the lost lambs back in”.

The assistant in another room with the lambs says “this is not easy as the wolves are allowed to see”, getting out some tea towels, “no one is allowed back without a blindfold on. I need to fold up these tea towels , for example, so that there are plenty of folds to your blindfolds to ensure the lambs of the fold are in the dark and are unable to see”. The assistant then securely blindfolds all the lambs.

While this is happening explain to the wolves that they can make noises but can’t touch the lambs, and ask the wolves to scatter toys to serve as obstacles. Then the assistant leads the blind lambs back to the fold. Turn to the fold and say “can anybody see or are all blindfolds snug and secure? Explain that “you will all be spun around and moved to a secret location and have to find your way back in the dark, but if you hit an obstacle we will come and spin you around again”. One by one spin the lambs around and move them.

Allow then to crawl around in the dark for a while, lost while the wolves make “scary” noises. Then one by one come to a lamb and whisper the way ensuring other lambs can’t hear. All lambs stay blindfolded until all lambs are home to ensure they can’t help each other.

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