pass the baby


This is a baby shower game

You need

a baby doll

a teddy bear

a dummy

a blanket

and a large supply of dark cloths to blindfold the players with


The women sit in a circle securely blindfolded. Wrap a baby doll in a baby blanket and give it to a player, they have to pass it around the circle as if it were a real baby, so that they learn to be gentle with babies



Blindfold everyone first so they have to judge the size by touch alone.

Give the doll a wool hat that needs to stay on or a dummy.

Can they pass the baby without the hat coming off, or dummy falling out.

Don’t tell them there is a hat on the baby.

Or blindfold the baby and the players can’t wake the baby by making the blindfold fall off.


Or half the players are blindfolded and the other half have hands tied behind their backs, so that a blind player sits in between two players with no hands and and vice versa

or wrap the baby doll in the blanket with a teddy bear

If you really want to be mean blindfold everyone and give someone the doll and blanket and they have to swaddle the doll by feel before passing it but the blanket can’t come off

Would having mothers practicing swaddling a doll blindfolded help swaddling to become like second nature

But it is important that no one can see under their blindfolds

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